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This green mango salad recipepar Lecochinchine will wake up your senses.Tangy and full of texture, this cashew-studded salad travels well for pot lucks and makes a great starter or side to just about anything.


  • 150gr beef
  • 500g green mangoes (sliced into fibre)
  • Carrot (sliced into fibre)
  • Garlic, lemon, chilli
  • Coriander, basil
  • Fish sauce, sugar, vinegar
  • Sesame oil,

Practice :

  • Step 1: Clean the ingredients to prepare for cooking.
  • Step 2: Slice the beef thinly, mix with salt and cooking oil within 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Boiling water, put the beef into the boiling water in a short time.
  • Step 4 : Make sauce with garlic, chopped chilli, sugar, lemon juice and fish sauce
  • Step 5: Mix all the ingredients with sauce.


  • Put the mixture into the dish, decorated by carrot and cucumber.


This salad is delicious by the harmony of different ingredients like the sweet and sour green mango, beef and the carrot. Do not forget to practice at home for the family meal.



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