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Cat Hoa Loc mango , the unique fruit of western garden

Mango Garden of Mr. Den, 87 years old, lives in Hoa Loc commune. He has 13 children, currently lives with his youngest son. His Mango Garden was planted before 1970, the porch has many old mango trees, its diameter is so large that adult is not able to hug. The mango bark silhouetting time is lush and fresh. Big trees bear ton of fruits each crop.

In spite of his age, Mr. Den still works everyday. He has a habit of working out shirtless , brown skin, although he is a bit thin, he gives off a healthy agility. At his age, many people rest, but for him, one day without going to the garden to dig and talk to the trees, he felt something missed. Labor helps him healthier, eat better and sleep better.

Cat Hoa Loc mango, planted in Hoa Loc commune, Caibe district, Tien Giang province, is 130km away from south of Ho Chi Minh City. It will take you about 2 hours to go there by bus along Highway 1, from the bus station in Le Hong Phong Q5 street, go to Caibe. Then keep going to Café du Mekong, Lecochinchine’s boat landing pier. From here, visitors can cycle for about 1 hour along the Mekong River, passing My Luong ferry, moving to the country lane covered with the shadow of mango, feeling the sweet smelling of mango in crop. Guests can take the Le Cochinchine train and visit Mango Garden here, or take the Mekong Exotique train during the day to visit the garden to talk to hospitable people. In addition to mango planting, people also grow medicinal plants, make incense, and other traditional weaving jobs.

Cat Hoa Loc Mango is famous for its characteristic delicious taste that is not found anywhere. According to Mr. Den who specializes in mango planting for more than 50 years, the reason why the Hoa Loc mango is good because of this region’s soil. If Hoa Loc mango trees are brought to other places, the fruit is still lush but the taste is no longer as unforgettable as mango grown in Hoa Loc.

Cat Hoa Loc mango blossoms in the summer and leaves ripe fruits in the early winter, approach traditional Tet so this is a great gift for guests in the spring. Because of that originality, the mango here is popular and very much in demand.

Visiting the mango garden in the crop is joyful. Tourists walk in the mango garden and have chances to enjoy the unique speciality of the Southern garden, meet and talk to the hospitable and gentle farmers. They are memorable and unforgettable experiences in the journey on the Mekong River with Le Cochinchine and Mekong Exotique.






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