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Cooking class: Steamed rice rolls and chicken soup

Attractive taste from steamed rice rolls and the chicken soup especially the turmeric smell, It will make a great flavor and bring unforgettable dish in your memory.

Cooking class: Vegan grilled in betel leaves

Ingredients: White firm tofu Dried black fungus mushrooms Shitake mushroom Tofu skin Betel leaves Leeks Cooking oil, salt, pepper.   Practices: Step 1: Wash betel leaves. Set aside. Soak dried black fungus mushrooms and shitake mushrooms in boiling water for 2-3 minutes then dried. Chop finely. Chop leeks finely. Steps 2: Making mixture: grind white […]

Cooking class: Rice Milk

Rice milk doesn’t contain lactose or cholesterol. This makes it healthy for your heart as well as safe for those who are lactose intolerant. Another benefit of rice milk is anti-aging process, strengthen immune system… It is simple to make a cup of rice milk therefore you can make and enjoy it at home with your families.

Cooking class: Vietnamese rolled cake

The rolled cake is extremely thin and light, delicate. The rice covers all mixture of pork, mushroom, onion. It is tasty and attractive smell. The cake should be soft and harmony taste.

Cooking class: Vietnamese grapefruit salad with shrimp and pork

You can use oranges or tangerines instead of the grapefruit. This salad will perfect for your meal. Make it with recipe of Lecochinchine as below:

Open Hope Library Project

Open Hope Library Project is a non-profit project of Dina Foundation. This project help mobilising resources to donate books and build libraries for children in the mountainous area. The project opens opportunity for local people to have access to information and education through books, library activities and English teaching class for local community.

Cafe du Mékong

We are very happy to make an announcement that our station for pick up & drop off in Caibe’s now ready at Cafe du Mekong.

Cooking class

Welcome to Cafe du Mekong in Vietnam! We offer Cooking class tours in Cai Be, Mekong delta. Join with us to get a great knowledge of the region (culture, people,…) as well as the culinary art which is imbued with local and national identity

Cooking class: Da Lon Cake

Banh Da Lon, literally Pig’s Skin Cake is a very beautiful dessert. It has a pleasant taste of mung bean, coconut and great pandan aroma. Now, make it with recipe by Lecochinchine.

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