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Cooking class: Stir-Fried Corn

Look at the dish sauteed corn with colorful, fresh, this surely the whole house will extremely enjoy. Please share this delicious food for everyone to know.

Cooking class: Green Bean Milk

Green bean milk with coconut milk is a delicious and nutritious drink, the aroma of green beans along with the fat of coconut makes it difficult to resist.

Cooking class: Fruit Smoothies

1. Ingredients: – Bananas – 2 fruits – Fresh berries – 200g – Avocado – 1 fruit (or 2 kiwifruits) – Yogurt – 990ml (330ml yogurt (one box) per fruit) – Fresh cream – 250g in liquid form with high-fat content 35-36% (heavy cream or whipping cream) – Mix vanilla sugar – 10g 2. Practice: […]

Cooking class: Pumpkin Milk

Pumpkin milk is easy to make, not only is it good for the baby too, pumpkin milk is nutritious, it helps to gain weight effectively. Let’s go to the kitchen to learn how to make this delicious drink.

Cooking class: Mushrooms steamed Soy sauce

Mushrooms steamed soy sauce is similar to other delicious, nutritious dishes, so eat when it is hot to feel the full flavor of the dish.

Cooking class on Lecochinchine boat

Cooking class on Lecochinchine boat Learn the tips and techniques to creating your own gourmet appetizers, main dishes and desserts with Le Cochinchine team

Cooking class: Vegan wonton soup

Ingredients: White firm tofu Egg whites 50 gr straw mushroom 50gr enokitake mushrooms 50g oyster mushroom 50gr fresh shiitake mushrooms 15gr rice flour 100gr wonton wrappers. 100gr daikon radish 50gr onion A teaspoon of pepper A tablespoon of seasoning powder A teaspoon of MSG A tablespoon of sugar 2/3 tablespoon of salt ½ tablespoon of […]

Cooking class: Cinnamon Apperif

Ingredients: 200 ml rice alcohol 90 ml Pineapple water 10 mm sugar water (brown sugar) Cinnamon power Ice cubes Practice:  Add all of ingredients and a few ice cubes into cocktail shaker and shake it for a few minutes until combined. Presentation:  Pour cocktail into a glass and enjoy. Sensation: The meal can be more and […]

Cooking class: Carrot cake balls

When you’re in need of a quick, healthy snack , these carrot cake balls are the perfect recipe! They require no cooking, are quick to make, slightly sweet and packed with healthy ingredients! Ingredients: 3 carrots 100g Plain Flour 100g Temperate flour 50g coriander 4 eggs Spice: salt, cooking oil, pepper, tomato sauce, Practice: Step […]

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