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La délicieuse gelée à la noix de coco à base d’agar-agar

Facile et délicieuse, la gelée à la noix de coco à base d’agar-agar est un dessert gourmand qui apporte une note sucrée à la fin d’un repas. Avec cette recette, vous allez pouvoir ravir les papilles de petits comme des grands.

Soupe à la patate douce violette

Comment cuisiner une patate douce? Alors, une jolie soupe saine et réconfortante réalisée avec des patates douces violettes ce sera une bonne idée pour votre diner.

Exciting Mekong

Mekong endless waterway, lush vegetation, scenic rice field make your Mekong River cruise a worth wide journey        


Mekong Delta Map   Mekong Delta Maps includes maps of Administrative units, map of land uses, map of population density and covered forest in the Mekong region Vietnam Mekong Delta Land Use Mekong Delta Forest Map   Mekong Delta Map

The Mekong and people

Mekong Delta land and People   Cacao artisan in Mekong              

Hearts of a foreign man for orphans and the poor Vietnam

He is Dr. Peter Kaibaila, Peter is a building designer, archaeologist, published author and heritage advisor to several NSW shire councils. He runs a home-based heritage consultancy from Canberra called Black Mountain Project. In 2010, he got an email said that “Looking for someone to volunteer for 3 – 6 moths to provide design and […]

Cuisine: Lotus Root Tempura Stuffed with Thac Lac fish

Lotus root is one of special material used to make a lot of tasty dishes such as lotus seed sweet soup, lotus salad … not only taste delicious but lotus root is also a remedy that helps people relieve stress and relaxing.

Lifestyle of people in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta not only owns beautiful scenery of bright sunshine, blue sky and fresh air but also frenetic and exciting lifestyle of people here. Highlighted by the livelihood supported by the waterways of Mekong River, the lifestyle in Mekong Delta owns rustic appeal but dynamic and exotic beauty.