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Gender Equality from the bamboo straw !

Through the project “Gender equality from bamboo straws!”, Lecochinchine contributes to enhance the voice, income and rights of women in the Mekong Delta, aims to build a beautiful image of the people and country of Vietnam in the period of international integration.

Mekong Clean & Beautiful: 30th of August every year

Today, tourism is one of the major having a great contribution to Vietnam’s economic development. However, besides the positive effects, tourism activities cause environmental impacts. So, on the 30th of August every year, Le Cochinchine held an environmental festival in order to continue raising awareness of people and visitors in tourism activities by propaganda and campaign about the environment. The environmental festival 2018 Le Cochinchine will launch a waste picking campaign along the banks of the Hoa Khanh River.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable tourism is an important part of sustainable development. So, Mekong Lecochinchine cruise has formed the Mekong Tourism Club, which is responsible for all Mekong Delta local partners, will organize training programs to enhance professionalism / environmental protection, contribute to improving service and human development.

Gender Equality

Women are an important work force in our country today. They have been actively involved in production activities and have played an important role in economic development. However, women still face many difficulties due to some limitations in their awareness of gender equality. In order to overcome this situation, Le Cochinchine support to women in accessing with job and improving their income, such as knitting / sewing / crafting, open homestay, the provision of tourism services.

Don ca tai tu’s instruments

Instruments for Don ca tai tu performance include the moon-shaped lute (kim), two-stringed fiddle (co), 16-string zither (tranh), pear-shaped lute (ty ba), percussion (song lang), monochord (bau) and bamboo flute (sao). The violin and guitar are adapted. Don ca tai tu is performed within hereditary musical families and by music ensembles and clubs. The audience can join practicing, making comments or creating new song texts.

Mekong’s feelings

From the time Mekong stretch toward large sea, it connect the life of two river’s banks. Mekong has long been the most culturally diverse region in the world, the largest rice exporter in Southeast Asia, has the second largest biodiversity after the Amazon River, providing large amounts of protein to the people of the country. The Mekong is threatened by environmental pollution. Scientists warn that climate change will affect the fisheries and livelihoods of people living on both sides, the decline of rice yields will greatly affect the lives of the people, if there is no plan to handle in time, the consequences are difficult to predict. So, where is the cause?

Keep Mekong clean and beautiful!

I am. Are you aware?
There are thousands of plastic bags throwing into the environment each day every day?
I am. Are you part of the community?
Many people now, both local and visitors join their hands in environment activities and think that it is right thing to do

Cooking class: Stir-Fried Corn

Look at the dish sauteed corn with colorful, fresh, this surely the whole house will extremely enjoy. Please share this delicious food for everyone to know.

Cooking class: Green Bean Milk

Green bean milk with coconut milk is a delicious and nutritious drink, the aroma of green beans along with the fat of coconut makes it difficult to resist.

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