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Beef wraped in wild belta leaves

Ingredients: 200g beef 100g pork ( more fat) Onion Garlic Citronella Five spice powder Wild belta leaves Salt Sugar Pepper Soy sauce. How to make it: Beef, pork: wash and pure. Citronella: pure Firstly, you marinate the mixing of purred pork and beef with purred citronella, minced garlic, minced onion, 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon […]

Fried noodles with seafood and vegetables

Ingredients 200g of shrimp 200g of squid 100g of carrots 200g of mushroom 200g of string bean 1/2 onion Cooking oil Garlic Noodles Sauce: 1 spoon soy sauce 1/2 spoon of salt 1/2 spoon sugar 1/2 Spoon of pepper How to make it: Prepare materials – Shrimp: peel, wash – Squid:  cut into the piece […]

Passion fruit soda

Passion fruit is the kind of fruit that is very good for health. You can be very easy to make a glass of passion fruit with soda for yourself, friends and family. Let’s make it with Lecochinchine ! Ingredients: 2 passion fruits 2 spoon of sugar 1 can of soda Method: Passion fruit: cut halves, […]

Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum can be mixed with honey, artichokes, licorice, apple, etc., help to detoxification, emotion, liver and eye lightening. In addition, using chrysanthemum tea daily also helps reduce blood fat, reduce fat and support effective weight effective. Many people mistakenly think of making chrysanthemum tea will be complicate, but just a few simple ingredients that you […]

Cocoa Ice Coffee

1. Ingredients: – The coffee – Fresh milk – Sugar – 15g cocoa powder – Prepare stone tray, coffee (can be replaced with instant coffee) 2. Practice: – Step 1: Use hot water to make coffee. – Step 2: Pour coffee into  ice tray and freeze in the freezer fridge. – Step 3: Add cocoa […]

Grilled shrimp with ginger

Ingredient: – Shrimps: 600g – Butter: 110g – Ginger: 2 pieces – Garlic: 4 cloves – Soy sauce: 60 ml – Lemon: 2 – Bee’s honey: 2 teaspoons How to make it: – Step 1: Marinate shrimp with salt and pepper. – Step 2: Add soy sauce, lemon juice, bee’s honey, ginger, garlic and  into […]

Vegetarian fried vegetable

Ingredient: – 1 carrot – 200g  baby corns – 4-5 shiitakes  mushroom (if you use mushrooms, about 10 ears) – 100g field peas – 100g bell peppers – Boa-ro onion. – Spices: soy sauce, sugar, salt, cooking oil, flour. How to make it: – Step 1: Preprocessing: Field peas: pick up clean, cut off head, […]

Stir-Fried Corn

1. Ingredients: – Corn: 2 fruits – Minced meat: 100 gr – Carrots: 1 small bulb – Onion: 1 small bulb – Green onion, shallot – Pepper, seasoning, cooking oil           2. Practice: – Step 1: Remove corn grain and rinse, then let dry.    – Step 2: Carrots and onions bring […]

Green Bean Milk

  1. Ingredients: – Green peas are peeled: 300 gr – White sugar: 200 gr – Salt: 1/2 teaspoon of coffee – Pandan leaf: 1 bundle – Fresh milk: 1 cup – Coconut milk: 1 cup 2. Practice: – Step 1: Green peas clean the shell, remove the broken seeds and soak 3-4 hours when soaking more salt. Then […]

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