The story of the “grandmother” of 26 orphans in Southwest

In the Southwest of Vietnam, the story of a grandmother maintaining, raising 26 orphaned children, regarding them as their grandchildren touched and admired many people.

There are 26 children of different ages, all of whom call Mrs. Hien grandmother. And for them, only grandma Hien is the dearest.

Mrs. Le Thi Tri Hien and the orphans are raised by her

Mrs. Hien said, her father was Tinh Hanh – a great-monk, the abbot of Nang Nhon pagoda in Soc Trang City. While he was still alive, he built temples, scouting sentient beings.

He also adopted many children who were abandoned by their parents in front of the temple. When he passed away, fulfilling his will, Mrs. Hien continued to adopt orphans. She welcomed them with all her love.

Mrs. Hien expects the children to have boundless compassion

Over the past 10 years, Mrs. Hien has adopted 26 orphans abandoned by their parents, the youngest at about 4 years old.

Currently, there are 18 children staying in her house, the older children have asked to go to the temples in Soc Trang province to study.

“I always teach them to be kind. If they have enough good conditions to become a true monk with a boundless compassion, otherwise they must become good citizens of society “, Mrs. Hien said.

Although raising dozens of children Mrs. Hien takes care of them herself.

The children that Mrs. Hien brought up, there were cases of abandonment at the temple gate or she went to the hospital to adopt the children that were abandoned by their mother. Many people say that if they were not fortunate to meet Grandma Hien, perhaps one of these children would have done more harm than good and had no such peaceful life.

However, for Mrs. Hien, the maturity and health of the children are the joys of her life.

Children are brought up by Mrs. Hien

“The first time I adopted the children, I also faced a lot of difficulties. Because the children were too young, I must take care of them carefully. At night, they fussed, therefore I usually could not sleep because I held and consoled them” Mrs. Hien said.

Mrs. Hien added, if you want to nurture the children, first, you must have your heart.  Second, you have to give them love and finally give these children support.

The innocent children play in the garden

Mrs. Hien have four children, three of whom were ordained. The remaining girl stays at home to help her mother to cook and take care of the orphans.

Mrs. Hien’s house is made up of many areas such as play area, flower growing area, vegetables, fruits … to create a comfortable living space for children.

In addition, she also signed a car lease contract to take the children to school.

Their meals are also cooked very carefully by Mrs. Hien, full of nutrients with savory, fried, and soup dishes.

“Because I have no grandchildren, I consider them all as my own grandchildren. My daughter also takes part in medical training class to take care of them when they are sick,” said Mrs. Hien and the children’s names were all given by her.

Mrs. Hien willingly spend the rest of her life to raise the children

Mrs. Hien let all the children study until the end of 12th grade, then let them learn the Buddhist intermediate school. By the age of 20, each child will have the right to choose life’s direction for themselves. “Seeing them grow up healthy every day is pleasure for me. I willingly dedicate the rest of my life to them” said Mrs. Hien.

The cost to care for the children is more than 10 million VND each month. In addition to the support of Buddhists from near and far, Mrs. Hien is also supported by relatives.

Not only caring for raising orphans, Mrs. Hien also contributes positively to the local charity work such as building classrooms, building houses and rural bridges…

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