Mekong Delta: People Live Hood & Water

The Lower Mekong River Basin (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam) is home to approximately 60 million people. There are over 100 different ethnic groups living within the basin’s boundaries, making it one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. Most basin inhabitants are rural farmer/fishers and while they may be resource rich, they are money poor. One third of the population live on less than a few dollars per day. Often lacking access to basic government services, people in the basin are, on average, less well off than their fellow citizens outside the basin. What makes life tolerable for these people are the aquatic resources provided by the basin’s rivers and wetlands.

Mekong Delta: People Live Hood & Water

Agricultural produce

90% of Vietnam’s agricultural produce comes from 10% of it’s area, and the Mekong Delta defines where that is to be found.

live hood & water: Cho noi Phong Dien2 coconut-mekong-delta

Tapestry landscape

A tapestry landscape at the end of the great Mekong river (which carries Himalayan snow across South East Asia to merge with the South China Sea on the south eastern shores of Vietnam).

AMK (2) floating_market_visit lecochinchine (22)

Puffed rice

The puffed rice is a popular treat from the area, very like western toffee popcorn  and dormitory room of a stilt house out in the sticks would be our home for the night.

Delta_Bedroom Delta_Popped_Rice

Garden outside

The Bonsai garden outside was an absolute treat to walk round.

There were also many beautiful orchids to be found growing out in the grounds.

lang_hoa_sa_dec3 dragon-fruit Litchi


A refueling stop on the river brought a smile to my face.
In one of the villages we dropped into a school for a while, as they did not seem to mind.

Delta_Schoolgirls-vietnamese-girls-cycling Delta_smile

Markets and boats

Then came the markets and boats in this large town.

floating_market_visit sadec_market_visit sadec_market_visit_2

Back on the river again although our time here is running out fast.

coconut-mekong-delta 1500-pts mekong_river_10

The port of call is Cai Be, a real market town.

chonoiphongdien 1530-pts

Back on dry land we see the ever popular rice pancakes being prepared.Once cooked (as shown on the left) they are laid out in racks to dry in the sun.

1634-pts Production de bonbons de coconut

Production de bonbons de coconut

Caodai temple

A very beautiful Caodai temple in Mekong Delta.
The Caodai religion is unique to this region and is a melting pot of ideas and beliefs from other religions and sects.

cao-dai-temple Cu-Chi-–-Cao-Dai-tours-Vietnam-Travel-1

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