Open Hope Library Project

Open Hope Library Project donates books,  libraries and English Class to under financed rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia. We believe education is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world. As we see it, education is change.



What is all about?

  • This is an open hope library project with different library activities that open hope to kids and women in under priviledged villages





  • Children, women and adult can participate in such wonderful activities
  • Those who know English or other soft skills can make such meaningful activities by sacrifying bit of youth, time, love and dedication to the local community



Who sponsored ? 



Why Open Hope Library?

  • Because there will be more opportunities to access information, raise awareness and improve communication to the world outside through library activities:  English class,  traded soft skills, Communication skills for disadvantaged children, women in underprivileged areas so that people’s incomes will improve accordingly.



What can I do? 

  • You can contribute many things such as  donation of books, magazines, tales story , presentations, photography,… You also can #share/like this quote, or donate time to gardening, cooking, yoga practice, etc.through participating Open Hope Library. Those regular activities will build trust and love, confidence, awareness, which create motivation, effort to learn news thing and  changes to  good attitude.


I’m in travel industries, should I attend?

  • If you are a receptionist, travel consultant, tour guide, travel operation you should also know about Open Hope Library project. This gives you  more opportunity to know what is happening around  you and you could share an exciting story for your customers, as well as helping them and their families take time to join in this meaningful activities. From these activities their family members will know where they are, what they have and thus striving  for a better work and appreciate their life.




  • Free English classes is for weekend on Saturday and Sunday:

Morning: 9 am-10:30 am

Afternoon 2 pm-3h30 am


  • If you join in please show up 10 minutes earlier. Participants should know format lesson,  open the heart, understanding , sympathize . This is an opportunity to understand yourself and change yourself to better integration.



Who can I make contact with?



Open Hope Library Project

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>Open Hope Library Project makes libraries and English classes
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