Hearts of a foreign man for orphans and the poor Vietnam

He is Dr. Peter Kaibaila, Peter is a building designer, archaeologist, published author and heritage advisor to several NSW shire councils. He runs a home-based heritage consultancy from Canberra called Black Mountain Project.


In 2010, he got an email said that “Looking for someone to volunteer for 3 – 6 moths to provide design and construction advice on extensions to an orphanage in Central Vietnam.”. He was willing to accept the offer quickly and went to Huong Phuong, QuangBinh province in Central Vietnam. He spent 9 weeks to live with local people and do his mission there. After 9 weeks, He got much experience which touched his deeply. So after returning to Australia he set up a small charity called Friends of Vietnam Orphanages Inc as a hand on charity to connect Australians with small communities in Vietnam. First they concentrated on one orphanage in one village (HướngPhương in Central Vietnam). In 2012, they widened the focus to assist other orphanages and village project.


Each year on January, he takes a motorbike across the length of Vietnam. He mainly visits orphanages, shelters and poorest households in remote communities. To make needs assessment on the ground, he involves an informal network of local volunteer helpers.




At that time is holiday time of Australians but he spends this time to come to visit orphanages and poor people in Vietnam. With an old motorbike he travels around Vietnam and visit orphanages and poor villages in Vietnam. He said that he feel happy when see others happy.  He becomes a great person in heart of orphans and poor people in Vietnam.


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