Gender Equality

Women are an important work force in our country today. They have been actively involved in production activities and have played an important role in economic development. However, women still face many difficulties due to some limitations in their awareness of gender equality. In order to overcome this situation, Le Cochinchine support to women in accessing with job and improving their income, such as knitting / sewing / crafting, open homestay, the provision of tourism services.

Campaign to make bamboo straws, sedge bag for women, contributes to environmental protection while supporting to increase personal income, economic autonomy for women, helps women have a voice in family.


  • Project on sedge bag in Mekong

Growing and processing, knit into sedge bags to sold to visitors



  • Project on the production of sedge straw, bamboo straw

Local materials, planting and harvesting for production of straw which repalce for plastic straw, protect the environment, increase income for the women to improve life, enhance their empowerment, narrow the income gap between men and women, contribute to gender equality for rural women


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