Chicken Soup

Ingredient Chicken: 400gr America corn: 2 Egg: 2   Mushroom: 5 ears Tapioca flour: 2 spoons Scallions and cilantro Onion Salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil How to make it:   Step 1: Raw material processing Onion: pare, wash and  mince Scallions & cilantro: wash, cut into pieces Mushrooms: cut off foot, soak with hot water […]

Hearts of a foreign man for orphans and the poor Vietnam

He is Dr. Peter Kaibaila, Peter is a building designer, archaeologist, published author and heritage advisor to several NSW shire councils. He runs a home-based heritage consultancy from Canberra called Black Mountain Project. In 2010, he got an email said that “Looking for someone to volunteer for 3 – 6 moths to provide design and […]

Le Cochinchine - Mekong River Cruises

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