Chicken Soup

Ingredient Chicken: 400gr America corn: 2 Egg: 2   Mushroom: 5 ears Tapioca flour: 2 spoons Scallions and cilantro Onion Salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil How to make it:   Step 1: Raw material processing Onion: pare, wash and  mince Scallions & cilantro: wash, cut into pieces Mushrooms: cut off foot, soak with hot water […]

Stir-Fried Corn

1. Ingredients: – Corn: 2 fruits – Minced meat: 100 gr – Carrots: 1 small bulb – Onion: 1 small bulb – Green onion, shallot – Pepper, seasoning, cooking oil           2. Practice: – Step 1: Remove corn grain and rinse, then let dry.    – Step 2: Carrots and onions bring […]

Green Bean Milk

  1. Ingredients: – Green peas are peeled: 300 gr – White sugar: 200 gr – Salt: 1/2 teaspoon of coffee – Pandan leaf: 1 bundle – Fresh milk: 1 cup – Coconut milk: 1 cup 2. Practice: – Step 1: Green peas clean the shell, remove the broken seeds and soak 3-4 hours when soaking more salt. Then […]

Fruit Smoothies

1. Ingredients: – Bananas – 2 fruits – Fresh berries – 200g – Avocado – 1 fruit (or 2 kiwifruits) – Yogurt – 990ml (330ml yogurt (one box) per fruit) – Fresh cream – 250g in liquid form with high-fat content 35-36% (heavy cream or whipping cream) – Mix vanilla sugar – 10g 2. Practice: […]

Carrot cake balls

When you’re in need of a quick, healthy snack , these carrot cake balls are the perfect recipe! They require no cooking, are quick to make, slightly sweet and packed with healthy ingredients! Ingredients: 3 carrots 100g Plain Flour 100g Temperate flour 50g coriander 4 eggs Spice: salt, cooking oil, pepper, tomato sauce, Practice: Step […]

Steamed rice rolls and chicken soup

Ingredients: Steamed rice rolls 200g chicken Salt, sodium glutamate, pearl onion, lemon leaves, turmeric, cooking oil     Practice: Step 1. Divide chicken to small parts ; chop pearl onion , turmeric and lemon leaves Step 2:  Add a teaspoon of salt,1/3 teaspoon of sodium glutamate, lemon leaves with chicken then leave them about 30 […]

Vegan grilled in betel leaves

Ingredients: White firm tofu Dried black fungus mushrooms Shitake mushroom Tofu skin Betel leaves Leeks Cooking oil, salt, pepper.   Practices: Step 1: Wash betel leaves. Set aside. Soak dried black fungus mushrooms and shitake mushrooms in boiling water for 2-3 minutes then dried. Chop finely. Chop leeks finely. Steps 2: Making mixture: grind white […]

Eaten alongside bowls of steamed rice, chilli greens and a dipping sauce, it makes the perfect light summer meal. Ingredients: 200g vegetarian sausage (may be made from tofu, vegetables) – “Cha chay” 2 balls of cheese 6 lemongrass 2 bulb of potato ½ bulb of Indian taro Spice: Sugar, salt, MSG (monosodium glutamate) Practices: Step […]

Rice Milk

Ingredients 40g sticky rice 40g brown rice 400ml of fresh milk without sugar 150g sugar 20ml vanillajuice 5 liters of water Practices: Step 1: Clean the ingredients. Firstly, wash the rice (both glutinous rice and brown rice) and then strain the rice. Put the mixture of glutinous rice and brown rice on the pan with […]

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